Steel seamless elbows according to GOST 17375 60°




Elbows – a part designed to smoothly change the direction of the pipeline.

Made by methods of hot drawing or stamping according to GOST 17375-01, GOST 30753-01. These standards apply to steel seamless welded blends with angles of 90, 60 and 45, designed for pressures not exceeding PN 10 MPa (100 kgf / cm2).

Used for pipelines for various purposes at temperatures from -70 to +450 ° C.

The quality of parts is the basis of system reliability.

Pipelines often use elbows made of steel of different grades that meet the requirements for pipelines transporting a certain working environment. During installation and operation of pipelines with high requirements for wear resistance, taps are made of alloy or stainless steel.

The appearance of steel elbows is a piece of pipe bent at a certain angle, while the diameters at the inlet and outlet of the part are the same and coincide with the diameter of the pipe. Installation of steel elbow with the pipeline is performed by the welded method to ensure the strength of the structure.

Elbows whose turning radius does not exceed 1.5Dn (where Dn is the conditional passage of the branch) are called steeply curved.

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