Steel ball welded full bore 11s37p (with gear *)




Steel ball valves 11s37p BREEZE
• Working environment – water, gas, oil products
• Leakage class A, temperature from -35 to + 180 ° C
• Diameter from DN15 to DN250
• Pressure PN40, PN25

A distinctive feature of this model is a full passage. The use of this model of ball valves allows the use of less powerful pumps in the system, significantly reducing the cost of transporting the working medium. Approximate values ​​of the hydraulic resistance coefficient for various types of cranes: full bore – 0.1-0.4; standard passage – 0.4-1.6.

Connecting pipes of model 11s37p allow to weld the valve directly to the pipeline, reducing the cost of installation, or to weld special flanges to the valve (non-standard design of connecting surfaces, special dimensions.


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